Tires At Ray Pearman Lincoln

To keep your car running smoothly you have the oil changed and brakes checked among other regular maintenance needs. But without new tires your car, truck or SUV wouldn't get very far and it is important to make sure your tires always have enough tread for traction and control. Sometimes it can be hard to decide what tires you need to get with so many different kinds available. To make things easier for our customers we have quickly highlighted what each kind of tire is meant for so you can decide what tires you need. Then our part department will find the size you need, all you have to do is fill out the form below. Or give them a call at 888-611-3012.

All-Season Tires

All-season tires are year-round tires made from a flexible rubber that can handle both hot and cold weather. All-season tires give drivers stability in snow and provide suitable handling in a variety of weather conditions.

Performance Tires

Performance, or low-profile, tires are typically used on sports cars or sport sedans and are designed to handle higher speeds and corner well. Performance tires feature large tread blocks for dry traction and grip. Performance tires also tend to have stiffer sidewalls which results in a less forgiving ride and are made from soft rubber. Meaning that the wear faster than other tires.

Summer Tires

Summer tires are designed for speed and agility with less grooving for more contact with the road. Made with flexible rubber and shallow treads summer tires provide maximum grip. The grooves also help evacuate water and resist hydroplaning.

Winter Tires

Winter, or snow, tires have thick, deep, wide treads to help drivers gain traction in snow or on slippery surfaces. Winter tires are also made out of softer rubber so they won't harden in the cold. Winter tires are meant to be changed seasonal and not recommended for all year use. It is a pretty safe bet that you will not need winter tires for your Lincoln.