When you live near the coast, you’ve got to know how to keep your family and your home safe during hurricane season. But what about your car? These tips will help you prepare your family vehicles for severe weather. 

Before a hurricane

If there’s a hurricane on the horizon, it’s time to jump into action. Do a quick check-up on your vehicle, and make sure the gas tank is full and the battery is charged. Check the oil levels, the tires, and the windshield wipers and fluids. Your preparedness ahead of time will help you get to safety should you need to evacuate.

You should also take pictures of your vehicles from every side. Put all of your relevant paperwork — like ownership, registration, and proof of insurance — in a water-safe container. This way, should anything happen to your vehicle, it’ll be easy to file a claim.

Emergency kit

If you live in a hurricane-prone area, you should always have an emergency kit in your vehicle. Keep things like food, water, extra clothing, flashlights, and extra chargers for electronics in a waterproof container in your vehicle. 

During a hurricane

Keep your Lincoln safe during a hurricane by parking it inside of a garage. Be sure the front is facing out so that you can leave quickly, if needed. Remove any items that could fall on the car from surrounding shelves.

If you don’t have a garage, try to park your vehicle close to a building away from high trees in order to give it protection from the wind and potential debris.

If your Lincoln suffered some storm damage, bring it to Ray Pearman Lincoln for top-quality care.

Preparing Your Lincoln for Hurricane Season | Ray Pearman Lincoln | Huntsville, AL

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