Lincoln vehicles are well known for the quality and durability of their luxurious leather interiors, but even the finest leather will last and look better for longer if you care for it. Follow these simple steps for leather interior maintenance to ensure your Lincoln’s interior continues to impress for many years.

1 – Vacuum

As with most cleaning exercises, the first step is to vacuum any loose dirt and debris. It’s important to do this first because if you try to clean your interior leather without vacuuming, you’ll just be rubbing loose dirt around the surfaces.

2 – Apply Leather Cleaner

Spray leather cleaner on the seats and other leather surfaces. Then, identify problem areas. These are usually where skin or hair frequently come into contact with the leather, or creases in the leather. Gently rub the cleaner against these areas with a soft, bristled brush.

3 – Wipe Dry

Using a clean and dry microfiber towel, wipe away any excess moisture on the leather. Keep in mind that surfaces will still be damp to the touch after this step, and you should wait up to 24 hours for them to dry depending, on the weather.

4 – Apply Leather Conditioner

Apply leather conditioner to your interior’s leather surfaces. Try to be as even and generous as possible, without letting the conditioner accumulate in any single area. A good conditioner will help the leather stay moist — thus preventing cracking — and provide UV protection to help preserve its color. Wait four to six hours for the seats to absorb the conditioner.

5 – Wipe Dry (Again)

Once again, use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to wipe off any excess leather conditioner, then to wipe the leather fully dry.
If you perform this routine every three to six months, you’ll ensure your Lincoln’s high-quality leather interior will remain pristine for a long time to come. For more tips and tricks about car maintenance, as well as the latest Lincoln Motor Company news, make sure to visit the Ray Pearman Lincoln blog.

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