American Revolutionaries: Apollo Missions & the Lincoln Motor Company

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Americans don’t take kindly to limitations.

No two things demonstrate this truth more clearly than the Apollo Missions and the Lincoln Motor Company. The Apollo Missions broke through the barriers of Earth itself, while Lincoln is a groundbreaking force in the world of automation.

Let’s compare these two “moonshots” across the years:

Apollo 1 & the Model-L

Apollo I may have ended in tragedy, but it started and spurred on one of mankind’s greatest collective achievements to date. The Lincoln Model-L, released with the inception of the company in 1917, revolutionized the luxury automobile and began a new American tradition: excellence in automaking.

Apollo 7 & the Lincoln Continental

On October 11th, 1968, the Apollo 7 flight became the first mission to make it to space. They circled the Earth for 11 days and collected essential data and readings, establishing the necessary foundation for all future missions. The Lincoln Continental quickly became an American icon when it was released in 1939. Lincoln went on to use the successful Continental as a basis for numerous future models, strengthening the brand overall.

Apollo 11 & the Lincoln Navigator

Apollo 11 took humans to the moon on July 20th, 1969. No longer was the moon some distant and untouchable rock in the sky, but a destination. Now in its fourth generation, the Lincoln Navigator is an American-made SUV that’s set the pace of the luxury industry for over 20 years. Even though the Navigator is limited to cruising on just one heavenly body, it remains a grand achievement in automotive engineering.

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