Simple Car Detailing Tips That Will Transform the Car Interior

Your friends here at Ray Pearman Lincoln wanted to pass along a few detailing tips that will help you to easily preserve the appearance of your car so you retain the value of your investment.

Things like gum and tree sap are a real challenge to get off the carpeting inside your vehicle. One easy detailing trick is to attach the long spray nozzle on the can of brake clean and shoot it at the issue. After a few seconds, the debris will come free of the carpet fibers more easily. Be sure to move the front seats all the way to the front so you can clean everything trapped under those seats. Move them all the way back and clean from the front side too.

While you focus on detailing, let Ray Pearman Lincoln in Huntsville, AL take care of the rest of the maintenance in an effort to keep your vehicle in the best possible shape.



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