4 Best Gadgets for Car Lovers


As we approach the holidays, it’s time to start thinking about what gifts to buy our loved ones. If you have a gearhead in the family, consider one of these four gadgets for car lovers:

  1. PAPAGO Car Dash Camera: It’s important to have a dash cam for your vehicle to be able to prove to insurance when other drivers are at fault for crashes. This state-of-the-art camera is available on Amazon for under $120.
  2. Portable Car Jump Starter: The old ways of jumpstarting a car are out of fashion. This system ditches the cables for an easier handheld solution. You can find one on Amazon for $70.
  3. Piloti Driving Shoes: If you know a gearhead who is also very fashion-forward, consider the Piloti driving shoes. These shoes are worn by many professional race car drivers because of the support they offer during lengthy drives. You can order your favorite style directly on the Piloti website, which offers free shipping and returns.
  4. ThisWorx Car Vacuum: Any driver could use this cool gadget, but it is especially helpful for parents of young children. This handheld vacuum comes with a nozzle set and elastic hose and can be easily stored in the trunk when not in use. Get one on Amazon for under $30.
If you’re considering buying someone a present for the holidays that they will find in a garage instead of under a tree, contact Santa’s deputies at Ray Pearman Lincoln.

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